Published: Thursday, 15 August 2013
Ryan Swift

First Scorpion Serket 98 Comes To Asia 1David Bojan, who now represents UK RIB builder Scorpion, has just imported the first 9/75-metre, Scorpion Serket 98 into Asia, with the new model coming to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for commissioning, before being moved to the Clearwater Bay Marina. The Serket 98 was most recently chosen by Olympian Ben Ainslie to be his chase boat during the America's Cup. The boat comes with several engine options, the most powerful of which is twin 350-horsepower outboards, capable of generating speeds up to (or in excess of) 60 knots. The Serket 98 delivered to Hong Kong has twin Yamaha 300s for power, which Bojan says is enough for the 60 knot speed range. With seating for up to six people plus added stowage space and proven ability in choppy waters, the Serket 98 could be an appealing choice for boat owners wanting to spend time at remote beaches with minimum hassle. Listed base price of the Scorpion Serket 98 is GBP90,000, ex VAT and engines.

 First Scorpion Serket 98 Comes To Asia 2