Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Mike Fulton

The Mumbai Port Trust (BPT) has working on a marina project to provide a corner for boats and yachts  to be secured for some time now.

"It will give the yacht owners a secure anchorage, especially during the monsoons," Mumbai Port Trust Chairman Rajiv Gupta told India TV. “At present, boats in the sea at Mumbai’s Apollo Bunder are vulnerable to damage and also run a security risk," he added.

Navi Mumbai May Get First Marina 1

Many rich people in Mumbai have yachts, which remain unused for long periods and this causes considerable wear and tear.  The proposed marina will provide a place for the upkeep and maintenance of these yachts.

The Mumbai marina will hopefully provide berthing for 150 to 200 boats and yachts. Like its international counterparts, it will have fuelling, repair and maintenance facilities. On land, there will be spaces for cafés, restaurants and offices.

"Our clientele would love to see a marina in Mumbai. We have missed having one for so long," said SeaDream Yacht Club India President Sudesh Kishore.

Vizag’s International Maritime University recently completed a feasibility study for the project.  Now a suitable location for the marina is being selected.  This will likely be on the northern side of the harbour waters in Navi Mumbai, away from the Mallet Bunder. The marina will be developed on a land-lease model.

It is expected that yachting will become more popular with the launch of this marina and this will be good for business in the area.

At present, all that the seafarers of the Bombay Yacht Club can do is wine and dine. With a marina, yacht owners could avail themsleves of captains employed by the marina and invest more in its development.

Currently Kochi Port is the only one with its own marina, but with only 50 berths its capacity is very limited. Goa is also planning to build a marina, but no details of that are currently available.