Published: Thursday, 29 August 2013
Ryan Swift

New Ferretti Yachts Arriving In Asia 3Asian yacht buyers interested in the Italian brand Ferretti will have more to look at in the coming fall series of South China boat shows. Starship Yachts, an authorised Ferretti dealer for Asia, expect two new yachts in the Ferretti line to arrive, with the Ferretti 690 due to arrive in Hong Kong on September 5. This will be followed by the arrival to Hong Kong of a Ferretti 800, and finally by a 620 in mid-December. Ferretti Asia-Pacific head office confirms that the 800 will be displayed at the upcoming Xiamen and Shenzen boat shows, while Starship has indicated that the 690 will likely be displayed at the Club Marina Cove show in early December.New Ferretti Yachts Arriving In Asia 1All three models are part of the ongoing redesign of the Ferretti series of luxury cruising yachts, with a big design emphasis on a sportier look and bigger, brighter interiors, characterised by large windows and light fabrics and materials.

 New Ferretti Yachts Arriving In Asia 2 New Ferretti Yachts Arriving In Asia 3