Published: Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Mike Fulton

The design and naval architecture bureau of Ivan Erdevicki Inc. have designed an 86-metre six-deck superyacht they have called Adamantine, which has strong naval-style but with great elegance and all refinements of a modern superyacht. They reckon she will “sparkle like a diamond on the sea”.

When German shipyard Nobiskrug discovered the design and, considering it very unique with its streamlined hull and faceted glass superstructure, decided to join forces and promote it at this year’s 2013 Monaco Yacht Show.

With two custom-build projects currently underway in its shipyard, a 74-metre motoryacht and another of well over 100 metres, Nobiskrug has expressed a firm desire to build Adamantine.

Nobiskrug Ivan Erdevicki To Unveil Adamantine

Susanne Wiegand, joint managing director at Nobiskrug said: "The design is really innovative in the way it uses light as the yacht's image builder contrasting with the minimalist lines of the powerful hull. This sort of design is well suited to our construction technology."

"This design has been a long time in coming. The objective was to create a true superyacht with elegant proportions, spaciousness and considerable comfort yet powerful, strong and above all a safe yacht. I believe, we have succeeded on all accounts. She really does look like a diamond!" said designer Ivan Erdevicki.

Erdevicki focused on providing an image that would really stand out and appear totally unique. The yachts faceted and reflective windows and panels have been very carefully arranged to create a sort of interlocking chain along the whole superstructure. The result resembles the surface of a cut diamond reflecting the light in all directions and thereby accentuating her design.

The owner's stateroom covers two decks and is completely self-contained. The stateroom, heads, closets and an office are on the main deck while the private lounge is on the upper deck linked by a spiral staircase. The private lounge will offer panoramic views and direct access to the private forward deck. Here owners will be able to include a sauna, a private gym and even a private dining room. A choice of two helipads on the upper deck will be available.