Published: Thursday, 08 August 2013
Ryan Swift

Australian builder Riviera has announced successful results for the 2013 Sydney International Boat Show, held from August 1 to 5th. Riviera announced the firm enjoy AUD$14.8 million in total sales at the show, with sales including the brand's new 50 Enclosed Flybridge model. Ten yachts were sold over the course of the show, with models sold including the range from 36 feet up to 63 feet, including one 3600 Sport Yacht, one 445 SUV, three 50 Enclosed Flybridges, two 5000 Sport Yachts, one Belize 54, one 565 SUV, and one 63 Enclosed Flybridge. Riviera’s chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst said he was extremely proud of Riviera’s achievements at the Sydney International Boat Show. “The past 16 months at Riviera has been a true career highlight for me and it is extremely gratifying to see Riviera return to its former glory,” he said. “I am proud to announce that my family settled on the purchase of Riviera’s 14-hectare Coomera property on July 8, and if the recent boat show results are anything to go by, I believe Riviera can look forward to a very bright future.Riviera Enjoys Strong Sydney Boat Show 2Longhurst noted that Riviera has enjoyed $51.8 million in total sales recorded over the past nine weeks. “I commend our team of master craftsmen and designers for the huge effort they have put into creating and building our first 50 Enclosed Flybridge for world release at the show.  I would also like to publicly recognise the tremendous support from our dedicated crew who worked tirelessly over the five days of the show.”Riviera Enjoys Strong Sydney Boat Show 1Riviera CEO Wes Moxey, who returned to helm the company after starting the Belize brand, said the new models were well received. “Riviera’s sales at the Sydney International Boat Show are up by 25 percent on last year, signifying the growth that Riviera is now enjoying and we have a significant number of sea trials booked across the range so we expect this number to grow over the coming weeks,” he said. Moxey also noted the growing importance of the Sydney show, saying that show had been extremely successful. He also said that confidence in the US market was returning, and that Riviera's exports had reached 55 percent for its new sales.