Published: Friday, 06 September 2013
Mike Fulton

Back in March 2013, Asia-Pacific Boating reported that the 71.60-metre Feadship Utopia had returned to her place of birth for a refit. That refit has just been completed, in a remarkably short timeframe, and to the complete satisfaction of her owner and the captain. The whole project was carefully timed to fit in with the owner’s cruising schedule and the yarddid him proud.

Feadship Re Launches Superyacht Utopia

This is the second time that Utopia has been refitted by Feadship since her launch there in 2004.

The most recent overhaul involved an extensive repainting of the superstructure and a wide range of mechanical improvements and updates. She has a new HMSA Sewage treatment plant system which means she will be able to operate for much longer periods and in all sorts of cruising areas and ports and still conform to all legal requirements. She also now has water-cooled shore convertors and can hook up to both 50 and 60-cycle power networks.

The ship’s captain, Kevin Collins explained: “The main reason for returning to Feadship for the refit was to retain the essence of how the boat was built and ensure she retains that pedigree. This has certainly been achieved and the owners are looking forward to putting their like-new Feadship through her paces again soon.”