Published: Monday, 30 September 2013
Mike Fulton

China Visun Group, the organizer of the renowned Hainan Rendezvous, attended the 23rd Monaco Yacht Show on September 25 along with its subsidiaries Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club and Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous Ltd as part of its European tour to drum up support for the 2014 Hainan Rendezvous.

Hainan Rendezvous At Monaco Yacht Show 3

The Monaco Yacht Show is probably the most definitive annual event in the luxury yacht calendar. In more recent years the show has also attracted brands from other sectors of the luxury living industry such as private planes, private helicopter, watches, jewelry and many other luxury goods.

Monaco witnessed Hainan Rendezvous' first European press conference and investment fair as a platform to begin discussions with leading superyacht firms. It provided an opportunity to begin negotiations regarding future cooperations and for it to layout its plans for the upcoming event.

Wang Dafu, chairman of China Visun and founder of Hainan Rendezvous, was on hand for discussions about marine conservation with Musee Oceanographique de Monaco. At the same time, China Visun confirmed the termination of its partnership with Yayuan Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., led by Delphine Lignieres.

Hainan Rendezvous At Monaco Yacht Show 1

Data from the 2013 Hainan Rendezvous confirms that some US$160-million worth of business was conducted at or following the event, making its by far the largest show of its kind in China and a very serious contender on the world stage.

Wang Dafu said: "We aim to transform the Hainan Rendezvous into an internationally-renowned lifestyle exhibition, providing a platform where international brands can easily and seamlessly tap into the Chinese market and have a positive influence on consumption styles in China."

After Monaco, the organizing committee will visit several other European countries including Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France, to canvas further support and expand its business horizons.

The dates for the 2014 Hainan Rendezvous have been set for 30 March to 2 April.