Published: Thursday, 12 September 2013
Mike Fulton

Benetti has announced two new superyachts, the F125 and F140, which will launch next year. They represent a new range of "D2P" or displacement-to-planing hulls that the Italian yard says are faster and more fuel-efficient than existing hulls.

During a press conference at he Cannes Boat Show, Benetti CEO Vincenzo Poerio said the new yachts represent an "unexplored niche" in the yachting market. He added that these new designs were based on customer feedback.

New Hull Technology For Benetti Yachts

"Our American clients want something that is not only fast but fuel efficient. We have also included extended range as well with our new design," he added.

The new D2P yachts will join Benetti's semi-custom Class range, its Custom superyachts and the two new D2P yachts. Rolls Royce Azipull 65 engines will power the new yachts. Benetti has partnered with the engine builder in designing a lightweight propulsion system.

Alberto Perrone, Benetti's director of Sales, showed drawings and speed figures for the new Benetti F125. It will be launched at next year’s Cannes Boat Show. It will have an innovative design such like a whirlpool and living area on the bow as well as a foldaway beach club at the transom.

New Hull Technology For Benetti Yachts 1

The company also highlighted its great increase speed and fuel efficiency. These new boats allow owners to use their boats at high cruising speeds, speeds previously inefficient for full planing hulls and impossible for displacement hulls. Both yachts will have interiors designed by London-based Redman, Whiteley Dixon in three themes—Air, Sea and Land—reflecting very different styles and with up to 15 different layouts combinations. The 125 will have a top speed of 23 knots.

Benetti also announced that it had invested in new technologies for its fire-detection system at its Livorno shipyard following a fire onboard FB261 on August 20. The Italian builder has cleaned out the boat and is ready to begin re-construction of the interior. The yacht is now scheduled for launched in about another 14 months.