Published: Monday, 30 September 2013
Mike Fulton

Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style unveiled the final design and specification of the “Silver Arrow of the seas” at the Monaco Yacht Show 2013.

Benz 2 1.

Bearing many of the hallmark design features of Mercedes-Benz automobiles combined with a radical new approach to luxury motor yacht functionality and aesthetics, the debut yacht will be called the ARROW460-Granturismo.

As the order books are now open, Silver Arrows Marine can confirm the new yacht’s price tag. It will initially launch as an exclusive, limited edition fully equipped version called Edition 1, which will cost €1.25 million plus VAT. The first yachts will be delivered to customers in 2015.

Final interior and exterior designs from Mercedes- Benz Style, along with a two-metre scale model of the finished yacht were displayed at the recent Monaco Yacht Show. The ARROW460- Granturismo will be unlike anything else on the water, living up to its billing as the “14-metre motor yacht designed and built like a superyacht”.

Fulfilling the Silver Arrows Marine’s, the ARROW460-Granturismo boasts the unmistakable dynamism and elegance of a top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz car.

"We have created something unique with the ARROW460-Granturismo,” said Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine Ltd. “I am convinced that for many years to come this yacht will be an eye-catching addition to the seas and yacht marinas of the world.”

The design of the motor yacht for production stayed remarkably close to the concept showcased a year ago. With its long foredeck, a flowing, arched roofline and the Mercedes-Benz hallmark of a descending line to the rear.

Gorden Wagener, Vice President of Design at Daimler AG, said: “This new motor yacht with its emotional and high-tech features embodies our Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity and is a perfect expression of modern luxury.”

Car-like electric opening side windows and a glass roof forward rise up to create a “glass pergola” effect. To ensure maximum comfort levels, the roof is made of “smart” glass that automatically controls light penetration depending on the intensity of the sun. The effect is to fill the large open-plan interior with light and open it up to the outside world in a manner more akin to loft living.

Benz 3.

Mercedes-Benz’s innovative cabin concept avoids an ordinary motor yacht’s compartmentalized interior and provides instead a spacious relaxing area for up to 10 people. This area can be easily transformed into a large dining room or bedroom suite – the latter complete with king size bed. Both dining table and bed are normally concealed, electrically sliding into position only when needed.

As on the outside, the interior shows all the hallmarks of a Mercedes-Benz, featuring materials such as nubuck leather, eucalyptus wood paneling and synthetic mesh.

The special Edition 1 versions will come standard with air-conditioning, a premium audio system, built-in chilled wine storage, an ice-maker and a dishwasher. There will also be an air compressor system for easy inflation of tenders and water toys.

Adjustable sun loungers are built into the foredeck. At the stern, a hydraulically powered platform extends the deck space as and when required, providing one of ARROW460- Granturismo’s signature features - its “terrace on the sea”. The large relaxing area, offering unimpeded access for swimming and watersports, is complemented by a flexible “deckchair” concept.

The yacht’s large entertaining space has few steps and easy connectability between all areas of the boat. The decking, normally of wood in classic boatbuilding, is made from a synthetic material giving an entirely new look.

Benz 1.

ARROW460-Granturismo will be powered by two diesel engines developing 480 horsepower each. Cruising speed will be around 28 knots with a top speed, in light seas, of about 40 knots. Performance of the special planing hull developed for ARROW460- Granturismo has been optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to achieve not just high speeds but all-round comfort and seaworthiness.

The hull features deep-V lines forward for good handling, three intermediate spray rails to deflect the water as much as possible and special propeller tunnels to allow for a conventional shaft-line drive configuration.

The Edition 1 version of the first Granturismo can be ordered directly from Silver Arrows Marine for delivery in 2015.