Published: Thursday, 19 September 2013
Mike Fulton

Despite the earlier announcement following its buyout by the Dalian Wanda Group that all building would continue at the Poole-based shipyard in the United Kingdom, it was announced during the Cannes Boat Show that it may open a shipbuilding yard in China just like it did in Brazil. This yard will produce small yachts specifically for the Chinese market.

It should, however, be noted that this is still in its very early satges and will depend on expected volumes. The critical mass is good in China and the designs and specifications differ quite markedly. Additionally, manufacturing in China negates the large import duties and taxes that owners need to consider when buying foreign-built boats. It will also greatly reduce lead times on the builds.

Sunseeker Looking To Build In China

“We feel that the market is strong enough, but much depends on the market need in China over the next few years. We are actively looking for a suitable site for such a yard. This is a totally new venture for Dailan Wanda which is building many luxury resorts around China, many of them with marinas as part of the development and would like to fill them with their brand of boats,” said Karl Gilding, dealer and sales development manager at Sunseeker’s UK head office.

A series of Sunseeker clubs will be built in three 300-beeth marina that are currently being developed by Dalian Wanda in Qingdao, Hainan and another in the middle of China. One of these marinas is already being constructed and the other two are still in the planning stage. The plan is to have 10 Sunseeker yachts based in each marina.

Gilding also mentioned that three Dalian Wanda directors will now sit on the Sunseeker board.