Published: Thursday, 05 September 2013
Mike Fulton

Imtech Marine has just announced additional coverage on its Global VSAT Network following a major upgrade of the system. This mean it can now offer VSAT coverage in the Indian Ocean, covering an area between Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, in the west, to India and Indonesia, in the east.

Imtech Extends Vsat Coverage To Indian Ocean

This is a very busy area for the international maritime industry and Imtech provides very reliable, cost effective and “always-on” broadband communications using the iDirect Evolution platform. This global reach covers all major shipping routes and provides a guaranteed 99.5 percent quality of service, Service Level Agreements, 24/7 support and worldwide VSAT coverage. It also includes automatic beam switching.

Commenting on the upgrade, Imtech’s general manager of connectivity, Rob Verkuil, said, "By extending our Global VSAT map we can now offer customers very economical and effective broadband communications in what is a very busy shipping area. Our VSAT network provides reliable connectivity for crews, captains and other users. This extended VSAT coverage combined with our new portfolio of unique value-added services will offer users a total connectivity solution."