Published: Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Mike Fulton

Art Marine Marinas, part of the Art Marine LLC group, issued as statement saying it has signed a cooperation agreement with the Shanghai-based New Design Architecture (NDA) for the management of luxury marinas in China and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. According to the statement the partnership will offer these companies’ expertise on marina management and lifestyle events to marinas around the region.

Art Marine To Partner With Shanghai Firm On Marina Management Expansion

“Through this partnership we can offer well-developed turn-key solutions to marina developers in China and other parts of Southeast Asia,” said Bruno Meier, director of Art Marine Marinas, in the statement. Meier also mentioned that his Dubai-based company has been expanding its marina network in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Meier told Asia-Pacific Boating in an interview that his company is currently looking at projects in the Maldvies, Mauritius and Kenya. Such marinas would be full service marinas that cover the range of yacht sizes, from runabouts to superyachts. 

NDA Group is a design and marketing consultancy that specializes in the waterfront and leisure tourism industries. It also has offices in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Art Marine To Partner With Shanghai Firm On Marina Management Expansion 1

Emmanuel Delarue, founder and CEO of the NDA Group, said in the statement: "Our partnership with Art Marine Marinas allows us to complement each other's strengths, and bring the most comprehensive service to the marina development and management market in Asia.” Art Marine also includes event management for marinas as well as operational services, and Meier believes that such a full service offering could be attractive to luxury beach hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia, where a marina could add new life to an existing facility. "Marinas are not like the boat parking places they were 30 or 40 years ago," Meier said. "Now people want F&B, events and liveliness – marinas aren't just for yacht owners, but for a range of people. Good marinas nowadays have the feeling of being a resort or are part of a resort." 

Art Marine To Partner With Shanghai Firm On Marina Management Expansion 4The Nansha Marina designed and landscaped by the NDA Group

The NDA Group has already managed over 200 successful projects in some15 countries while Art Marine Marinas currently manages a network of upscale marinas in UAE, Bahrain and Turkey, with new projects in Qatar, Oman and Egypt. Art Marine has also created a Destinations list of marinas that include their marinas under management, as well as partner marinas that measure up to Art Marine's selection criteria. Marinas on the Destinations list offer reciprocal benefits to owners, including complimentary three-night berthing for free at partner marinas. Meier expects this part of Art Marine Marinas activity to expand. "We are going to create a website for owners that covers all the marinas in our Destinations network; it will be like an association of marinas with an agreed level of facilities."