Published: Monday, 14 October 2013
Mike Fulton

BRP has opened a new training facility just outside Sydney, in Australia. The company, which owns Sea-Doo and Evinrude among other recreational brands, says that this new training centre will be used to train technicians from across the whole Asia-Pacific region. The center will also exhibit prototypes of different BRP vehicles.

Brp Opens Training Facility In Australia

Gregoire Dupont, BRP’s general manager for Asia, told The Australian that the new centre would train around 200 technicians each year. Some 50 percent of these will be from China, Japan and the ASEAN countries. "With this knowledge we're sure our retailers from around the region will be able to give optimal ongoing service to their customers,” he told the paper. "We want to improve the retail environment and give the retailers a critical mass to do business as well as be able reinvest back into the product and the industry."

Dupont added that the new center will help promote the high-end nature of the product tohelp attract a higer-end consumer. "The consumers are getting more and more demanding and you must ensure that you can fulfill their expectations and more,” he said.