Published: Monday, 07 October 2013
Mike Fulton

Design 380, destined to be the world’s largest sloop-rigged sailing yacht, is also Dubois’ largest ever project. It will also be one of the most spectacular and technologically advanced vessels ever built. This was revealed at the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show, as was the signing of a contract with a client from Mainland China.

This new sloop has been designed for an existing client who purchased a Dubois-designed boat in 2007. She will be 101 metres long and displace some 2,000 tonnes. With her keel down her draft is some 16 metres but when the slender, narrow-chord Duplex steel centreboard is retracted she will draw just four metres.

Du Bois To Construct 101 Metre Sloop 2

Calculations showed that by constructing her hull of aluminium, and even with all the necessary ballast required, she would be some 400 tonnes lighter than if built from steel. Her single, carbon fibre mast will tower 125 metres above the waterline. By comparison, the Statue of Liberty’s torch reaches 93 metres above the sea and the famous tower of Big Ben at London’s Houses of Parliament stands 96.3 metres off the ground.

Even the length of her mainsail boom is difficult to comprehend since at 42 metres it will be longer than many superyachts. The size of this creation is made possible by carbon fibre spars and rigging, and innovative sail-handling solutions, created by the Dubois office.

This truly amazing vessel, with interior design by Josep Juanpere Miret of GCA Arquitectes Associats, will have four guest suites, each with a floor area of 36 square metres, two of them with double beds and two with convertible twin-berth arrangements. The enormous owner’s stateroom will span the hull’s full beam, about 15 metres across, with separate his-and-hers bathrooms and dressing rooms, and a large, shared shower area.

In the bow there will be 18 cabins with en-suites to house the 22 crew members, who will service this behemoth. Negotiations are currently underway with the shipyard that will be contracted to construct her.