Published: Wednesday, 09 October 2013
Mike Fulton

The revamped version of the Genoa International Boat Show took place at the refurbished Genoa Fair and Exhibition Centre from 2 to 6 October this year.

Genoa Show Upbeat Despite Lower Attendance

Despite a drop in visitor numbers by about 35 percent, organisers were still ustill happy with the results and felt that it showed a good reflection of the effort that had been made to restructure the event. This year’s event was held a week earlier than normal and was reduced from nine days to five as requested by exhibitors.

Genoa Show Upbeat Despite Lower Attendance 1

Some 750 exhibitors attended this year and there were over 1,000 boats both on land and water. There were an impressive 1,200 sea trials held over the show period and 14 conferences took place. Organisers also stated that over 500 potential sales meetings were held between exhibitors and potential buyers, hence the general upbeat atmosphere when the show closed on the Sunday.

Genoa Show Upbeat Despite Lower Attendance 2

This year’s event was generally felt to have hit the right spot for servicing the exhibitors and the market as well as the visiting public. The reduced timie and the reworked layout had given renewed life and an enhanced quality to the venue was the general opinion.

“There was more vitality in the market this year,” said a spokesman for the organisers, “especially, when you remember that this market lost some 60 percent of its turnover over the last five years during the recession.”