Published: Thursday, 10 October 2013
Mike Fulton

Marimecs and Van Geest Design have joined forces with the NMC shipyard to develop of a new 62-metre Yacht Support Vessel (YSV).

This vessel has been specifically designed for worldwide support of superyachts, both sail and motoryachts. With its extensive main deck area of over 300 square metres it has generous space for storage of tenders and toys, which take up too much space when stored on the main yacht.

New Yacht Support Vessel From Marimecs And Van Geest

The vessel is styled to stand out as a modern workboat and not be mistaken for a second yacht. Particular attention has been paid to easy accessibility for guests and general comfort.  It is a sturdy ship with its systems built to commercial standards and therefore easy to maintain.

She has a very efficient hull, designed for low resistance, excellent seaworthiness and greater comfort at sea. The interior layout is functional, liveable and spacious. The flexibility of the layout allows for the incorporation of the owner’s specific requirements. By selecting yacht-like materials the general appearance and sense of luxury can be enhanced.

The YSV is being developed to support yachts of between 85 and 160 metres and styled to stand out as a modern workboat. Optionally, the vessel can have an ice-reinforced hull for operation in Artic or Antarctic areas The equipment of the vessel will comply with commercial shipping standards as well as the standards for interior outfitting for crew and guest accommodation. She will also allow for restoring and bunkering in commercial harbours.

New Yacht Support Vessel From Marimecs And Van Geest 3

The spaces under the main deck can be used for storage but can also be dedicated to other needs, like a diving centre (with a moonpool, deco-tank and diving workshop), fitness or spa area, and even accommodation for additional crew. The layout of the lower decks can be customised to the owner’s requirements without affecting the basic layout of the vessel.

The philosophy behind the 62-metre YSV is to develop a vessel, which is a supplement to the yacht. Various activities for which space is insufficient on the main yacht and may compromise the layout have been foreseen and incorporated on this vessel.

The YSV can function as landing area for helicopters when guests arrive or leave, thereby preserving the comfort level on the main yacht with guest and crew not bothered by the noise, wind and fumes from the helicopter. This frees the yacht from all the extensive regulations of a helipad on board. Also the YSV can include a helicopter garage, preserving usage for touch and go operations.

New Yacht Support Vessel From Marimecs And Van Geest 5

With the extensive capacity of her fuel and freshwater tanks, the YSV can easily replenish the fuel and water on the yacht. Storage for food and drinks are available in the cooler and freezer sections of the YSV. There is also a cooled garbage storage area.

The YSV is being developed as a “green ship” to mimimise her environmental footprint while also extending her range and reducing running costs. Great attention has been paid to waste control issues.

Depending on the proposed use of the vessel different propulsion systems can be selected from conventional to hybrid or a diesel-electric option.  All in all, this vessel is independent, comfortable, sturdy, efficient, easy to maintain and generally a lot cheaper to operate.