Published: Friday, 25 October 2013
Mike Fulton

Earlier this month, at the genoa Boat Show 2013, a carbon footprint agreement was signed between Tuscan-based VSY and the Italian Ministry of the Environment to further collaborate towards making yachting greener.

The signing took place aboard VSY’s flagship M/Y Stella Maris, which was moored at the show, together with Italy’s Minister for the Environment, Andrea Orlando.

Vsy Sign Signs Environmental AgreementThe Stella Maris

The objective of this agreement was laid out as: “the promotion of joint projects aimed at the analysis, reduction and neutralization of the environmental impact within the yachting sector.” This programme is becoming an integral part of the European framework for assessment of environmental impact.

Amongst efforts being taken by VSY in this effort are: a wider use of recyclable materials, isnatllation of auxiliary electric engines for use in harbours, installation of dynamic anchoring systems for use where traditional anchoring is forbidden such as coral reffes and Scandinavian fjords, use of particle filters for smoke reduction in exhaust systems, and the recycling of heat from generator exhausts to produce hot water onboard the boats.

The ministry has been working on a programme to reduce emissions through evaluation of the ‘carbon footprint’ and to put in place mitigation measures to control it for some time now. To date, over 180 companies from a wide range of diverse of industries have become involved in the programme.

The programme was explained in detail by the ministry’s Director General, Corrado Clini and many other companies and entrepreneurs, who have voluntarily signed the agreement, spoke about their commitment and the innovative ways they have designed to comply with the regulations.