Published: Wednesday, 16 October 2013
Mike Fulton

Yacht CN 2013, the Nansha Bay International Boat Show, concluded successfully on Sunday 13 October. This year’s event ran from 10 to 13 October, at the Nansha Marina, in Guangzhou, China.

Yacht Cn 2013 Hailed As A Great Success

The show attracted 52 exhibitors representing many renowned international and local brands including Azimut, Dafeiyang, Fipa, Heysea, Fairline, Maxi, NISI Yachts, Omnia Marine, Poly Marquis, Prestige, Princess, Sealine, SHM, Simpson Marine, Speedo Marine, Starship Yachts, Sunseeker Asia and Wider amongst others. A total of 56 boats and yachts were displayed, mainly in the 60 to 80-foot range. Last year, 40 to 60-foot boats dominated the show.

According to the latest information, six yachts were sold on site worth about RMB64 million (US$10.48 million). Another 13 more deals are in the discussion stage pending closure, worth a further RMB 00 million (US$16.37 million).

Yacht Cn 2013 Hailed As A Great Success 2

The official opening ceremony was held on Friday 11 October. The ex-Prime Minister of France, His Excellency Dominique de Villepin, Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, Mrs. Zhao Yufang, Chairman of the Fok Ying Tung Group, Mr. Timothy Fok and over 200 high-ranking officials, foreign consular representatives, industry leaders, VIP guests and some 100 reporters gathered for the ceremony. Over 50 mass and industry media organisations gave their fullest support to the show.

Over 12 thousand visitors passed through the gates during the four days of show and exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their latest yachts, boats, marine equipment, luxury cars and life-style products.

The public was entertained by a variety of on-site shows and performances. The highlight of these performances was the spectacular gravity-defying "Flyboard" performance held in the marina basin. Regular model shows, Spanish dances, a live band and Scottish pipers spiced up the program and kept visitors entertained.

Yacht Cn 2013 Hailed As A Great Success 3

The focus of the show, the striking 139.4-foot trimaran Adastra, was undeniably the star of the show, bringing a unique futuristic spirit to the event. This unbelievable ‘on-water spaceship’ has pushed the limits of what we thought a yacht should look like.