Published: Thursday, 07 November 2013
Ryan Swift

Ferretti Group Brings New Large Yachts To Hong Kong 1

Ferretti Group’s Asia office has confirmed the arrival of two of the group’s most high profile yachts to Hong Kong by mid-December. Hull number one of the Ferretti 960 – the current flagship of the Ferretti Yachts’ line, will arrive a few weeks’ time and was originally launched in July. The 960, in addition to being the largest yacht launched by Ferretti Yachts (Ferretti Group owns seven other brands), is also part of large redesign programme undertaken by Ferretti, which has resulted in bigger windows, a more streamlined exterior and a more attractive interior. 

Ferretti Group Brings New Large Yachts To Hong Kong 2

The 960 was purchased by a Malaysian buyer. View the full story of the 960 here. The Riva 86 Domino is arriving in Hong Kong for a Hong Kong buyer. The yacht, first launched in 2010, features a highly polished interior that enhances the interior space. Read the full story on the Riva 86 Domino here

Ferretti Group Asia, based in Hong Kong, currently plans to exhibit both yachts at the 2014 Hainan RendezVous.