Published: Monday, 11 November 2013
Ryan Swift

The Hong Kong Shark Foundation is staging an auction of luxury prizes at the Crown Wine Cellar in Hong Kong on November 20 to help raise funds to work to wards the overall ban of shark fin soup in Hong Kong. Recently, the Hong Kong government has announced that it will exclude shark fin soup, which has been blamed for the massive decline in shark populations worldwide, from official government event menus. The Hong Kong Shark Foundation plans to use the funds raised at the auction to help pay existing staff (all directors and founders draw no salary), as well as to support future activities, such as organising flash mobs, running school programmes and creating awareness campaigns that target end users such as banks and hotels. The prizes available for auction include such things as 7-nights stay in Koh Samui, private car racing days, a dinner package with a private chef serving up to 8 guests, as well as various other prizes and packages. An entrance fee of HK$550 includes free flow wine at The Bunker and canapes. 

Shark finning has been decried as a cruel practice, in which live sharks are often thrown back to the sea after having their fins cut off, which ensures a slow death. Last year, a reported 70 million sharks were killed for their fins, with some species now listed as having a very high risk of extinction. Sharks are apex predators and help to maintain marine ecosystems. According to mainland media and some international conservation groups, consumption of shark fin soup is down considerably, as awareness campaigns that have included famous mainland personalities such as basketball star Yao Ming have had a large impact. 

The event at The Bunker, Crown Wine Cellar starts at 6:30pm on November 20, with a silent auction running from 7pm to 9pm, and a live auction from 8:15pm. Tickets are available from Ticketflap. 

For ticket purchases of five or more, contact Emma Kong: or call 2810 6765.