Published: Thursday, 07 November 2013
Ryan Swift

Alan Warwick of Warwick Yacht Design in New Zealand has just revealed some of the details on a new 65-foot cruising catamaran project he is working on with Galene Sail Boat and Yacht Development Company, based out of the Double Happiness Shipyard in Shanghai. Warwick describes the project as “well advanced.” According to the project leader at Double Happiness, Cyrus Sheng, the tooling is already under construction and the first hull has already been purchased by a local client.

New Catamaran Design For The China Market 2

The catamaran will be available in sail and power configurations, and Warwick says that the plan is to market the catamarans heavily to the nascent but growing market for such mid-range yachts in China, at very attractive prices. Cyrus Sheng of Double Happiness Yachts, reports that new catamarans are designed for business and entertaining, and they’ve done away with much of the cabins that might normally be found below decks. Additionally, it is very easy to switch between the production of the sailing or power models, with Sheng noting that the first client has yet to decide whether it will be power or sail.

New Catamaran Design For The China Market 1

Double Happiness has been building yachts near Shanghai for over a decade, and currently produces a range of motor and sailing yachts from 40 to 130 feet.