Published: Thursday, 21 November 2013
Mike Fulton

Parsun, China’s leading outboard engine manufacturer and the seventh largest in the world, has just started production out of its new facility situated on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Parsun Opens New Facility In Shanghai 2

Parsun was launched some 10 years ago and is now the largest outboard producer in the whole of China, with the exception of Mercury’s Suzhou-based production facility. It is planning to go IPO sometime in the next three years in an endeavour to raise about US$21.5 million in capital investment.

The company recently invested some $10 million into research and development on its smaller two- and four-stroke engines and electrical engines and is also looking to develop larger capacity models. A 12-horsepower unit is expected to launch soon.

Parsun Opens New Facility In Shanghai

Current production stands at about 80,000 units a year of engines ranging from two horsepower up to 90, but the firm has plans to ramp this up to about 150,000 with the new plant now in operation and to also move into the much larger range of 200 to 300 horsepower engines.