Published: Monday, 11 November 2013
Mike Fulton

Jet-Tern Marine Group founded by Howard Chen of Taiwan in 1998 constructs Selene Trawler Yachts. The company has production facilities in Zhuhai and Dongguan in China. In partnership with Guido de Groot Design, Jet-Tern Marine has created a new line of Ocean Explorers, namely the Selene 78, 92 and 128 Ocean Explorer yacht. The Selene 78 yacht and superyacht Selene 92 are presently being developed and will be introduced next year.

Selene 92 Explorer Yacht Being Built In China 6

Despite the economic downturn, Jet-Tern Marine is thriving. It delivered 24 boats of various sizes in 2012, and will deliver more in 2013. Currently under construction are an 82-foot catamaran sailboat designed by Greg Young, a Selene 78, and the Selene 92, designed by Guido de Groot and Howard Chen, slated for delivery later in 2013 or 2014.

Selene 92 Explorer Yacht Being Built In China 10

The Selene 92 employs a traditional full-displacement hull for comfortable long-range cruising but with contemporary exterior styling and modern construction techniques. It is intended to exploit the advantages of an expedition yacht capable of taking on rough seas with extra-long range capabilities with those of a stylish and modern superyacht. The resultant vessel is a combination of Jet-Tern Marine’s high quality construction techniques, De Groot designs and input from a group of international consultants.

On initial sight the 92 exhibits many of the Selene family traits with her powerful raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge and bulbous bow but these are offset by contemporary twists such as the large side windows in the hull and the stainless steel anchor pockets in the bow. She takes the simple and proven concept of a fuel efficient and seaworthy long range exploration yacht to a new level of luxury, all with the advantages of GRP construction.

Selene 92 Explorer Yacht Being Built In China 9

The vessel is 27.93 metres LOA, with a beam of 7.23 metres and a draft of 2.29 metres as a result of its deep V hull. She displaces 158 tons when fully loaded. She is powered by twin Detroit Diesel/MTU Series 60 600HP@2100RPM engines, which drive 43-inch NiAl bronze counter-rotating alloy propellers via aqualloy shafts. There is no word yet on her expected cruising and top speeds. She carries 23,500 litres of fuel and 3,400 litres of fresh water. The Selene 78, by comparison, is 24 metres long with a 6.5-metre beam, a round bilge, deep hull and cruiser-style stern giving her excellent seagoing properties and voluminous on-board space.

At this point the internal layouts are still undergoing refinement but will comprise a main saloon and galley, an owner’s suite, a VIP suite, two guest cabins to port and starboard, a captain’s cabin and a crew cabin.

Chen is clear about why Selene yachts stand out from the competition. “Selene ocean trawlers are long-range trawlers with a very elegant style. They are distinguished by safety, stability and spacious luxury. Their deep hull (DH) concept makes for an engine room with plenty of headspace for easy maintenance and a lower centre of gravity for better stability and performance. Their impressive price to quality ratio makes Selene boats outstanding value for money.”

Chen continued: “At Jet-Tern Marine we are well-known for our desire to embrace the latest technological advances. We always work with experienced designers and engineers, ensuring we stay ahead on the technology curve. We are particularly good at resin vacuum infusion and carbon fibre reinforcement.

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“As a trained naval architect, I recognise the importance of constant R&D. We get inquiries from customers from different countries, then study the concept and proceed by means of international cooperation with designers and naval architects from the Netherlands, the UK, the US, New Zealand, Canada and Italy. Our in-house design team is strong and used to cooperating with foreign designers. Since 1998, JTM has designed and built over 400 boats in 20 different styles, mostly designed by myself. Our Selene 47 won the Best of the Year Award from Motor Boating Magazine in 2010.

When it comes to attracting new orders, we focus on the four Ps - product, price, promotion and place. This, combined with expert workmanship and inspired design to build our customers’ dreamboats, sets us apart. Costs are carefully controlled without compromising on quality or design.”

The Selene 92 is scheduled for launch and sea trials in late 2014 or very early 2015.