Published: Tuesday, 05 November 2013
Mike Fulton

Following the signing of a free trade agreement in March of 2012 between Turkey and South Korea, a meeting of maritime companies from both countries is to be held at the Dedeman Hotel in Istanbul on 21 November. The South Korean Commerce Centre has organized this meeting and a number of South Korean marine-based organisations will be presenting a range of their products to their Turkish counterparts. Products being presented will include such things as propellers, electronics, communication systems, compasses and even steel bending equipment. 

Among those companies from South Korea pushing their products are Baeksan Propeller Co. Ltd., Oscona, Dongwon Tech, Bansuk Spinning Technology, Samyang Metal Industrial Co. Ltd, Kwang Jin Corporation, Eunsung Co. Ltd., Exso Corporation Ltd., A-Mı Industrial and Silitex. 

Translation services will be supplied at the meeting to ensure optimal communications on both sides and those Turkish companies interested in participating have been encouraged to contact the South Korea Commerce Center in Istanbul.