Published: Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The 42-metre motoryacht Life Saga has undergone an extensive 18-month refit at Holland JachtBouw’s (HJB) Zaandam, Holland shipyard. For the interior design team Pastrovich Studio the inspiration behind Life Saga’s main saloon and dining room came from a set of geometrical rules invented during the 5th Century.

 Life Saga Gets Refit

The view is divided into 12 equal sectors of 30 degrees, with each sector following a specific rule. Some hide the view with an opaque round wall, others incorporate the exterior view into the overall scheme. Two consecutive open sectors form the connection between the forward dining room and the aft saloon. The main walking pattern becomes the longitudinal axis of the yacht and the seating areas are deployed on both sides.

 Life Saga Gets Refit 1

The longitudinal symmetry of this interplay between voids and filled spaces gives the two round areas a unique ambience. Thanks to the use of regular partitions, a visitor living inside will struggle to find the beginning or the end of the space. A similar connection is present between the aft saloon and the exterior terrace, creating a feeling of great openness and freshness where exterior and interior blend.

 Life Saga Gets Refit 2

As one of the main goals for this area was to increase the inside/ outside feeling between the main saloon and outdoor spaces, the design team substituted the original flat door with a curved, central opening glass door.

Life Saga Gets Refit 3 

The teak planks inside the main deck saloon and dining area follow the longitudinal theme, which is the only exception to the otherwise concentric geometry. Both the teak floor and the oak walls are naturally finished with wax to give the same feeling as the exterior materials and therefore increase the inside/outside effect.

Life Saga Gets Refit 4 

Not wanting to compromise the effectiveness of the ship’s air conditioning the design team positioned a sliding Japanese door forward of the main saloon. This allows the liquor cabinet and dining area to remain cool while the aft saloon remains open to the outdoors.

 Life Saga Gets Refit 5

The use of ambient lighting throughout the interior allows each space to take on a different personality depending on what the area is being used for or how the guests are feeling.

Life Saga Gets Refit 6  

As part of the refit, Life Saga received a complete exterior re-paint, new windows, doors and a revamped bridge. Below decks her pump shafts, propeller shafts and bearings were replaced along with the air conditioning units and audio/visual system. Her electrical systems were also overhauled.

 Life Saga Gets Refit 7