Published: Tuesday, 04 March 2014

Strasbourg based cruise operator CroisiEurope, a major player in European river cruising, has ordered a modern paddle-wheel river cruise ship via the Neopolia marine network. The Loire Princesse will be 88–metres long, 15-metres wide and she will open up new cruising grounds on the Loire River. The use of paddle wheels instead of propellers will reduce the vessel’s draft, making the river’s shallow sections navigable.

Loire Princesse 1 

Stirling Design International, based in Nantes, in conjunction with naval architect and engineering firms Ship ST and Arco Marine created the ship’s design. Hydrodynamic studies of the hull and the paddle wheels were produced by specialist firm HydrOcean. French shipyard Mecasoud will construct the hull.

The retro-inspired design features 48 spacious cabins with exterior views, and will accommodate up to 96 passengers. On the upper deck, 30 of the cabins will feature large balconies. The grand dining room will be large enough to accommodate all passengers in one seating, and a lounge bar will offer panoramic views from the ship’s stern.

Loire Princesse 2 

As its name suggests, the ship will take passengers on the Loire, the last untamed river in France, where navigation has almost disappeared. CroisiEurope hopes to open up this territory known for its countryside scenery and famous chateaux. The ship will stop at the cities of Nantes, Saint- Nazaire, Ancenis, as well as Angers, Saumur and Bouchemaine.

Image of Saumur by Martin Falbisoner