Published: Friday, 14 March 2014

Innovative superyacht builder Palmer Johnson, a long-time supporter of the Singapore Yacht Show, will once again be returning to exhibit at the April 10-13 show. The company that pioneered aluminium construction on superyachts and is now doing the same with carbon fibre is enthusiastic about the potential appeal of the yachting lifestyle in Asia.

“Palmer Johnson is thrilled to be returning to Singapore for the yacht show once more,” says Russell Morris, Director of Palmer Johnson Europe. “We see a great potential in Asia, but understand that it takes time to fully adopt yachting into the culture and way of life. As a yacht builder, you have to show commitment to the market and to get to know the client base. We think that in two or three years we will have quite a few boats in Asian waters.” 
Palmer Johnson Displays Faith In Sys And Asia.
Fast approaching its centenary in 2018, Palmer Johnson has a legacy that reaches back to the golden age of yachting in the 1920s and ’30s. The US-based company has delivered more than 200 yachts, all of them still afloat, and many with historically important owners.

Over the last decade, Palmer Johnson has revolutionised its brand with a growing fleet of Sportyachts: fast, modern and technologically advanced vessels with a distinctive aesthetic and appeal. Two years ago, the company evolved the concept by launching the SuperSport range: its ‘next generation’ carbon-fibre yachts that are faster, more efficient, more stable and more spacious. 

Palmer Johnson will be displaying its 35m and 48m (pictured) carbon-fibre SuperSport models in Singapore.