Published: Monday, 07 April 2014

Following sun, balmy temperatures and some pleasant moonlight sailing, thick fog has swept in and is causing a challenge for the Clipper Race fleet as skippers prepare their best paths for the final stretch, south to the Golden Gate Bridge finish line.

 “We have passed the 1,500 mile to finish mark, and the great circle course is now 090 degrees so not long until we'll finally be turning south.” said Eric Holden, skipper of Clipper 70 Henri Lloyd. “The biggest change really is that the visibility has dropped down to very poor in fog. The nice sun we had yesterday has abandoned us and been replaced with that fine mist that sticks to your glasses, worse than if buckets of ocean were being splashed in your face, and my particular nemesis.”

 Clipper Yachts Fogged In Outside San Francisco

GREAT Britain skipper Simon Talbot added: “This isn’t the beautiful kind of fog that you see rolling off the cliffs as you walk along Beachy Head in Eastbourne early on a summer morning, but more the miasmic, creeping, insipid type, that arrives and then lingers for hours, if not days.”

After more than 4,000 miles sailing, just 150 miles separate the top eight teams. GREAT Britain continues its lead, with Invest Africa back in second place, just 15 miles behind and Henri Lloyd hot on its heels just two miles back in third.