Published: Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good news for yacht owners who, by choice or necessity need to ship their precious boats to various ports around the world. Leading yacht transport companies DYT Yacht Transport  and Sevenstar Yacht Transport have finalised a partnership agreement that sees them maintaining their separate identities, but working in conjunction with each other to provide either float-on/float-off (FLO/FLO) or lift-on/lift-off (LO/LO) services around the globe backed up by a fleet of over 120 ships that are wholly owned and operated by parent company the Spliethoff Group. One of the largest ship owners in The Netherlands, Spliethoff plays a major role in global transport.

Dyt And Sevenstar Yacht Transporters Join Forces

“The partnership makes all the sense in the world. By keeping the two trusted brands intact, we will continue to give our customers understandable choices,” said Richard Klabbers, Sevenstar’s managing director. “A charter boat owner has to be in the Caribbean or the Med by a certain date and back to the U.S. by another; a game fishing enthusiast needs to be at a tournament in Costa Rica; a cruising couple wants to start a ‘round-the-world adventure in the South Pacific – every situation for every yacht owner is different. Whatever the need and no matter which of our offices or agents they call, they will be expertly advised on the best way to safely transport their yacht.”

He cautioned that some companies in the yacht transport business that operate as ‘freight forwarders’ are not equipped with the understanding and knowledge required to ship yachts. This can lead to a yacht being stuck in port when its proposed ride is detained, doesn’t exist, or the costs are not fully disclosed to the yacht owner. “Our business is about getting the yachts to their destinations safe, sound and hassle-free.  All insurance work and port clearances are completed in advance by our agents. All loading, unloading, cradling and fastening of yachts is overseen by our loading masters.”

Dyt And Sevenstar Yacht Transporters Join Forces 2

 “There are so many fabulous cruising destinations worldwide,” said Klabbers, “and with our help, one could possibly reach them all in a lifetime.”