Published: Wednesday, 02 April 2014

ISA Yachts has announced the launch of its new brand positioning and visual identity. A select group of brokers were flown to the ISA Yachts shipyard in Ancona on Tuesday, March 25 for the unveiling of the new positioning and an insight into a new, broker-focused sales strategy.

“From the moment I joined ISA Yachts it was clear to me the shipyard was a hidden gem, and certainly deserving of a much stronger reputation within the industry,” says Hein Velema, Director Sales and Marketing. “The standards and processes implemented over the past seven years have resulted in every yacht being delivered on schedule since 2008, and each time with an absolute minimum of warranty issues. But we needed to reposition the brand in order to tell this story effectively.”

Isa Yachts Launches New Brand Identity 

The new brand strategy is based on a proposition of ‘trusted to deliver’. This bold statement is a distillation of ISA Yachts’ values, and is showcased with a striking new brand identity. “We wanted to communicate a clear message that would differentiate the brand within the sector, and I believe the new position achieves that,” Velema explains. “We recognize the pivotal role played by brokers and our sales strategy will reflect the value of ISA Yachts’ relationship with these key industry influencers.” 

Luciano Bregola, Chief Executive Officer, joined ISA Yachts in 2007. "We have been working for seven years to build reliable, efficient production processes, ensuring that each ISA Yachts owner can enjoy the superyacht experience safe in the knowledge that their beautiful yacht is a reliable product,” he says. “The new brand positioning is the expression of this work. It provides us with a compelling message to communicate the benefits of our way of working."

Isa Yachts Launches New Brand Identity 1 

ISA Yachts appointed sector specialists The Superyacht Agency to develop the brand strategy and identity following a competitive pitch.