Published: Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Yacht charter company Riviera Orientale is launching a new fractional ownership programme this summer yachting season called Luxury Yacht Share Asia.

The programme enables four buyers to purchase a quarter share of a luxury yacht, allowing each buyer to enjoy the pride of ownership and up to 46 days of quality time out on the water via a seamless concierge booking service, for a fraction of the cost of traditional ownership.

Riviera Orientale Introduces Fractional Ownership Programme

Splitting the cost of owning a luxury yacht has been a popular way of deferring costs and generating charter income for boat owners in the USA and Europe for years. The acquisition cost is often leveraged through a loan provided by the yacht supplier.

Riviera Orientale will provide owners with a detailed monthly statement about their yacht, including; yacht owner usage during the month, charter income received during the month, operating costs per month, operating costs which may include variable costs including maintenance and repairs, fixed costs such as crewing, mooring and insurance, and individual costs including F&B and individual owner fuel consumption. 

Riviera Orientale Introduces Fractional Ownership Programme 1

Riviera Orientale – Yachting Society is holding the invitation-only On Water Open Days, Asia’s first fractional yacht show with 15 luxury yachts on display in Hong Kong’s Repulse Bay on April 26-27. Riviera Orientale – Yachting Society has partnered up with luxury brands Auto Italia and Roberto Cavalli to provide a unique experience for the whole family.

On Water Open Days is by invitation only and interested parties should contact Julien Angevin at to confirm their attendance.