Published: Thursday, 03 April 2014

So! Dalian, organised by Delphine Lignieres' China Rendez-Vous Ltd, has teamed up with The Polo Life, creators of the Miami Beach Polo tournament, to bring Beach Polo to the shores of Dalian. The equestrian event will be held during the July 3-6 So! Dalian yacht show and marine lifestyle celebration, and will be the first Beach Polo World Cup to be held in China.

So Dalian And La Martina Bring Beach Polo To China 1

By offering Beach Polo and a wide range of sea-related activities, So! Dalian is dedicated to boosting Dalian as a boating and recreational destination as well as to enhancing the yachting industry throughout the region.

“We’ve been aiming to develop a strong event like this in the North of China for almost four years and I’m glad to see that we have received such great support from our regular partners and sponsors who are all used to our high-level of standards. They know that the values and the identity of their brand will be duly respected during our events,” says Lignieres, “In Sanya, we have strongly promoted the destination as a yachting hub with great success and we will develop a similar strategy for Dalian which we strongly believe to be soon the Northern China’s yachting hub as well as a key city for Polo”.

So Dalian And La Martina Bring Beach Polo To China

The very first Beach Polo World Cup in China comes in the timely year of the horse. Polo continues, as it has done for so long, to represent the pinnacle of sport, and a reaffirmation of the special bond between horse and rider. China Rendez-Vous Ltd. will be bringing the action to the audience, right up to the front-lines on the sand.