Published: Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Horizon Group hosted the 2014 Horizon Open House as well as showcased at the first Taiwan International Boat Show from May 8 to 11.

Open House And Boat Show Success For Horizon

Horizon is pleased to report that it is currently negotiating with ten potential clients for new build projects as a result of the two events.

“We are absolutely stunned at the response to the Taiwan Boat Show and Horizon Open House,” says Horizon Group CEO John Lu. “We not only had visitors from around the world attend the events to see Horizon but also thousands of local guests, including many of our clients, who came to support Horizon and the yachting industry in their home country.”

Open House And Boat Show Success For Horizon 1

Located at the brand-new Kaoshiung Exhibition Center, the Boat Show received an estimated 70, 000 visitors during the event, according to the organizer.

Open House And Boat Show Success For Horizon 2

Horizon’s exhibition was the largest at the show with a total of 14 luxury yachts on display. Horizon hosted thousands of guests and visitors often had long wait times to look at the yachts.

During the Horizon Open House, guests were treated to a number of events throughout the four days, including a boat show VIP night; Taiwan cultural shows; welcome and farewell dinners and factory tours of three Horizon shipyards. A celebration of Horizon’s accomplishments in the last 27 years, the open house provided guests with a more in-depth look at Horizon’s commitment to providing its clients with high quality, high value luxury yachts.