Published: Friday, 20 June 2014

Australian and New Zealand industry bodies have agreed to take a complementary approach to marketing their countries as a destination for cruising yachts.

Taking a collaborative approach allows the two nations to market as one hugely attractive destination, offering an impressive range of services and activities including tourism experiences, refit capabilities and regional events.

Australia And New Zealand Team Up

“It is a positive step forward for Australia and New Zealand to work together to promote the South Pacific,” says Maryanne Edwards, CEO of the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX). “Between us we have everything that a superyacht owner could possibly desire in terms of iconic tourism attractions, security and privacy, plus the reputation, quality and skills of our repair and refit, sector is world-renowned. Working together is certainly going to create a greater awareness of our region, especially with the globally recognised events being hosted here in the next few years.”

Another mandate agreed on at the meeting was to share statistics regarding visiting superyachts, including where they have come from and where they are going. By sharing statistics both countries’ representatives will be able to give tangible reasons to their respective governments for superyacht-friendly legislation and encouragement of cruising.

Australia And New Zealand Team Up 1

The key focus of the joint initiative is to attract yachts to the South Pacific region, with an increase of both cruising duration and breadth, and increased superyacht refit and repair services undertaken, for the greater economic benefit of both nations.

“We look forward to introducing many more superyacht owners, their guests and crew to this relatively undiscovered paradise,” says Peter Busfield, NZ Marine CEO.