Published: Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Why risk your application getting lost in a pile of resumes?

Recruitment agents look over hundreds of resumes daily. AYC can help you to prepare your resume so that you have the best chance of finding rewarding employment.

Ayc Launches Resume Review And Editing Service 2

AYC Superyacht Recruitment can assist with all aspects of your profile presentation including cover letter, preparation, resume editing and critique.

If you think you are perfect for a particular job then your resume needs to reflect this within 5 seconds of arriving in an employer’s inbox.

Ayc Launches Resume Review And Editing Service 3

A professionally written resume will get you the attention you deserve.

Incorrect terminology in a resume will display a lack of knowledge about the industry. Have a yachting expert work with you to edit your resume and provide the best opportunity to present yourself.

 Ayc Launches Resume Review And Editing Service 1

A resume can be adapted to suit the requirements of an advertised job and it is not uncommon to have several versions depending on the position applied for. 

AYC Superyacht Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency within the marine industry for sourcing and providing exceptional crew and assistance to all types of yachts and vessels, the company has been operating internationally for over 10 years and is one of the leading recruitment companies within the Asia-Pacific region.