Published: Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited announced today the establishment of DCH Marine Limited, symbolizing the company’s official entry into the luxury yacht market in Greater China. The event was held at China Merchant Wharf in Hong Kong. At the same time, Princess Yachts South China, a member of Chow Tai Fook Enterprises showcased its three flagship vessels: Princess 32M, Princess 82MY, and Princess 98MY. This initiated the group’s proactive development of yacht business in Greater China.

 Dah Chong Hong Announces Establishment Of Dch Marine Limited

By leveraging over 60 years of extensive experience and operational strategies in Greater China, Dah Chong Hong has successfully led Bentley China to become the second largest market worldwide. A listed company in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it has long been recognized by the industry with its excellent reputation, prudence and strong capital which is a good foundation for the development of its yacht business. The newly formed DCH Marine Limited will seize growth opportunities in Greater China’s luxury market through comprehensive strategy and innovative thinking to promote the development of yacht culture in China.

“The establishment of DCH Marine Limited marks the milestone for Dah Chong Hong to capitalize opportunities for exploring new business in Greater China, and extend the group’s excellence of motor dealership and after-sale service to yachts,” says Chong Got, Senior Corporate Director of Dah Chong Hong. “In the 21st century the new generation identifies the right equilibrium for balancing quality of life and work…”

Dah Chong Hong Announces Establishment Of Dch Marine Limited 1 

“The affluent population in Greater China is increasing [enthusiastically] in pursuing quality of life,” says Eddie Law, Executive Chairman and Director of Princess Yachts South China. “…With the growing demand for luxury in Greater China, our experience and understanding of this rising trend among the young customers will give us [the edge] in effectively reaching our target customers…”

The brand new Bentley Continental GT and Continental GTS Coupe, distributed by Dah Chong Hong, were jointly launched with the three Princess Yachts.