Published: Thursday, 10 July 2014

Couach shipyard announces the delivery of its second 50-metre yacht, the 5000 FLY Belongers, following a series of intensive sea trials. The results exceeded market standards.

Innovations for the yacht include SilentCabTM and VRSTM (Vibration Reduction System) technology.

 Couach Delivers The 5000 Fly Belongers

Couach hulls are renowned for their sea keeping qualities. Safety, power and fluidity are hallmarks of the brand.

Faced with the challenge of a particularly demanding owner, Couach has revisited the design of its 5000 Fly to meet the level of comfort required, in terms of noise and vibrations, both moored and at sea.

Couach Delivers The 5000 Fly Belongers 1 

The exclusive suspension system disengages the cabins from the source of vibrations. As if suspended, the cabins are isolated from the noises and vibrations caused particularly by the generators and engines.

VRSTM complements SilentCabTM by providing an adequate and systematic response to vibrations generated by all the on-board systems. It is the shipyard’s aim to take all of this into account and to implement a mix of preventative and corrective measures.