Published: Friday, 11 July 2014

Alen Yacht has joined forces with renowned international architects Foster + Partners to create a 68-foot motoryacht.  Merging innovative technology from land construction with boatbuilding expertise has led to an outstanding outcome.

 Land And Sea In Harmony 1

Alen 68 is a fast, agile craft that combines the elegant social spaces of a cruising yacht with the fun of a day boat. The motoryacht brings fresh thinking from the land to enhance the experience of being on the sea.

Flexible seating allows for up to 12 diners. A gyroscope steadies the yacht at anchor and a fabric shading screen can enclose the air-conditioned lounge.

Land And Sea In Harmony 3 

The dashboard is controlled from a wide adjustable bench so the whole family can sit alongside the skipper. Cameras, sonars and heat sensors send safety information to a bank of screens.

The upper deck has a bar, along with a grill, barbecue and teppanyaki hotplate. Below deck, the yacht also has space for a large tender, two paddle boards and two Seabobs.

Land And Sea In Harmony 2

In a break with tradition, the contours of the hull are not hidden by furniture but exposed to reveal the smooth lines of the yacht. This creates space for a flexible pod system of up to three cabins.

Land And Sea In Harmony

At 44 knots or at anchor, the design skills of Foster + Partners and the craftsmanship of Alen Yacht are a powerful combination.