Published: Friday, 11 July 2014

From the exterior renderings one can appreciate the unique versatility and possibility of these yachts, designed by Pastrovich Studio.

 My 77m X R Evolution New Concept Release 3

The toys inside become a bucket and spade. They are both tools for exploration and for fun. From storing jet skis to storing a 15-metre tender, all bases are covered.

Instead of a guest apartment, each of the vessels is a different luxury abode able to moor wherever guests choose. The completely separate vessels can include: a swimming pool, a garden, and an artificial beach complete with its own palm trees.

Combine this with the simple, inflatable, modular jetty connected directly to the beach allowing guests to move freely between the mother ship and their own private living spaces.

MY 77m X R-Evolution offers guests absolute and complete privacy. MY 77m X R-Evolution is a mother ship with separately deployable daughter vessels each of which is as unique as your imagination can conjure up.

 My 77m X R Evolution New Concept Release 4

The concept focuses on back to basics. For example, if the systems architecture of ducting and wires can become a feature, why hide the pipes? The resulting aesthetic would be just like a space ship while also saving a considerable amount of weight.

The yacht achieves its shallow draft qualities through a multihull design. This also adds to its stability credentials. With a beam a third of its length, the square metres available are vast.

With the addition of the daughter vessels, the amount of useable deck space is huge.

My 77m X R Evolution New Concept Release 6

Through the use of cutting edge technology X R-Evolution will keep you flat in rough seas. Through a system consisting of a self-stabilising hexapod with six hydraulic cylinders, movements in pitch and roll are compensated for resulting in a completely level upper deck. A secondary system of gyroscopes reduces roll in the remainder of the vessel leading to an uncompromised level of comfort while at sea.