Published: Wednesday, 02 July 2014

The core concept underlying the Revolver 44GT is the idea of transferring the qualities of a grand touring car to the sea. The result is a high performance vessel with sporty lines, comfort and safety, and an optimal range for long crossings.

Revolver Boats Launches The Revolver 44gt 1

The Revolver 44GT is first and foremost a powerful, high performance boat. This is accomplished by having two Cummins diesel 550hp engines paired with Arneson Surface Drives.

The exterior is by Alberto Mancini of AM Yacht Design, a young but already acclaimed designer. Mancini wants to emphasize quality, referencing car design in the exterior lines as well as interior detailing. The interior is by Michael Peters of Michael Peters Yacht Design. 

The separate captain and co-captain seats are custom designed with a carbon look. The ergonomic central console between them houses the control panel, including the large, latest-generation Garmin touch screens for navigation.

Revolver Boats Launches The Revolver 44gt

Other features of the 44GT include air-conditioning, a glass roof, and a rear glass door that opens up. The whole operation happens wirelessly and only takes a few seconds.

The boat’s construction is intended to impart the utmost in structural rigidity while minimising weight. The hull, roof and all the structural elements are vacuum moulded. The hard top is structural carbon, with exposed bulkheads just like those found in elite cars.