Published: Friday, 29 August 2014

The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Chinese Taipei, Cyprus, Japan, Latvia, Russia and Sri Lanka have supported IOC Olympic Solidarity funding applications for candidates from each country to attend the ISAF 2014 ISAF Training Scholarship. This unique course teaches practical skills to develop personal ability as well as covering the unique challenges of delivering sailing instruction on subjects including kiteboarding, windsurfing, dinghy, multihull and monohull sailing, and practical skills such as Power/Coach Boat handling. The candidates will also work on the management and assessment skills required to maintain a national sailing programme within the unique sailing 'landscape' of their home nations. Based in the UK, the eight-week course gets underway on September 1.

A major part of ISAF's training and development programme, the Scholarship is designed to develop the skills of coaches who are already working in a training environment. Previous candidates have played significant roles in their own national training programmes and the promotion of the sport.

Isaf Course 2

Mr Ming-Chi Hsu joins the course from Chinese Taipei with a long-term objective of increasing participation in Taiwan and stimulating marine tourism in the country. "It is a great honour to represent my country by being accepted onto the 2014 ISAF Training Scholarship." said Hsu. "As the first Taiwan sailing sports coach to join this programme, I feel great responsibility. I am looking forward to this training very much with excitement.

Head National Youth Coach from Russia, Anastasia Chernova has a long-term goal - to win medals at the Olympic Games in 2020. "I am very happy to be a candidate for the 2014 ISAF Training Scholarship.” adding, "It is a fine opportunity for me to gain more knowledge of management of a sailing team and coaching. I hope that this scholarship will give me new development in my profession."

Elena Papazoglou, a member of the ISAF Development and Youth Committee, will represent Cyprus on the course and is looking forward to bringing new skills back to an island that won it's first Olympic sailing medal in 2012. "This will definitely be a big advantage for Cyprus. I will be able to transfer all these new things to our sailing community so that all aspects of sailing will improve. Furthermore, I believe that I will be able to bring to Cyprus ideas about the best practices, based on examples of more developed sailing countries.”

Isaf Course

Hiroshi Hosaka from Japan is looking ahead to 2020 when Tokyo will host the Olympic Games. "My short term goals are to establish a training and development network in Japan that will ensure we have strong entries in all classes at Toyko2020."

Zklina Litauniece joins the scholarship from Latvia. " I am proud to be selected as a participant for the ISAF Training Scholarship programme by my country's sailing federation and the NOC," she said, adding "I think it is a great opportunity for a small country like Latvia to get the insight in the worlds leading organization in sports of sailing."

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