Published: Thursday, 28 August 2014

Specialist exterior helm station designer and installer, IMED, is bringing its watertight outdoor control panels to the Monaco Yacht Show. Though the fully custom, technologically advanced helms have been installed in Europe before - with the IMED team meeting yachts globally to complete helm installations - this is the first time the company will appear at a European boat show.

New Zealand Company To Show In Monaco

Completely waterproof, they’re designed to resist anything the elements throw at them while delivering control, functionality and reliability. They’re also created with the engineer in mind. While the functionality these helm stations deliver is complex, the IMED team have bundled components into simple elements so that, if repairs are needed during the helm station’s life, they can be managed onsite by the yacht’s own engineer with a small selection of spares.

 New Zealand Company To Show At Monaco 3

IMED will be in New Zealand Street, Quai Jarlan, QJ10 at the Monaco Yacht Show from September 24-27.