Published: Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nordhavn Europe is delivering a Nordhavn 76 that departed the Ta Shing factory in Taiwan last week. Its British owners will be meeting it in Long Beach, CA, taking the opportunity to cruise the West Coast of the US in their new vessel.

Nordhavn 76 Shipped To British Owner

From its Taiwan and China factories, Nordhavn can deliver its boats anywhere in the world, so it is common for customers to ship the vessel to a location that they might not ever get the chance to cruise again and then drive it on to wherever they please.

Nordhavn 76 Shipped To British Owner 1 

The couple buying the Nordhavn 76 currently own a Nordhavn 64, which is also a forward pilothouse design. They wanted to replicate the look, style and build quality in a bigger and roomier boat. Essentially, what they wanted was a bigger FPH Nordhavn 64, so the FPH Nordhavn 76 was an obvious solution and one that could easily be accommodated.