Published: Thursday, 14 August 2014

The 25th Nordhavn 68 was recently delivered to her owners in Australia. Karajas is the latest Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) produced Nordhavn to be completed. She is the first Nordhavn to be fashioned in an Art Deco theme. Interior designer Scott Cole of Seattle-based Ardeo Design led the project, incorporating bold geometric shapes, and the simple, clean lines indicative of Art Deco.

Nordhavn Karajas Delivered To Australian Owners

The interior of Karajas is completely unique to any Nordhavn, yet it’s not the only thing that makes this boat stand out from others. She is the first Nordhavn 68 APH completed and delivered in Australia. While the majority of Nordhavns are commissioned at one of the company’s US locations, Karajas was shipped to Sydney direct from the Ta Shing factory in Taiwan and finalised top to bottom there.

It’s a process the brand is growing accustomed to, as increasingly there has become a global marketplace for Nordhavns. “It is always challenging to find quality resources like contractors, good electricians, plumbers and various marine specialists in parts of the world that are unfamiliar to us,” says Nordhavn 68 Project Manager Justin Zumwalt. “But buyers should know it’s not an obstacle. This boat was done on the other side of the world from our Dana Point, California, headquarters and she turned out spectacularly.”

Nordhavn Karajas Delivered To Australian Owners 1

Finding quality and highly skilled labour was especially necessary since Karajas employed many firsts for a Nordhavn 68. She is the first N68 to be built to CE technical specifications, undergoing many rigorous sea trials and inspections to make sure she lived up to the mark. She is the first N68 to be equipped with the new Tier III compliant motor, a single John Deere 6135 AFM 13.5 litre main engine rated for 425hp @1900 rpm.

Even the interior of the boat was completed via Skype calls and Internet searches. Cole never once had to go to Australia, rather he brought sample books and visited granite showrooms in Taiwan when the entire build and design team met with the owners to oversee progress at the factory.