Published: Monday, 18 August 2014

The Nanjing 2014 Opening Ceremony had it all. Ancient and modern China was represented on an epic scale. Sky dive dancers, a gigantic Olympic ring-revolving telescope, and a roaring flame were just some of the highlights of a magical night.

Opening Ceremony Over Youth Olympic Games To Begin 3

One hundred and one sailors across four fleets have completed registration and are fully prepared for racing on Lake Jinniu in Nanjing.

A total of 205 nations paraded their flags in front of a packed 60,000 capacity stadium that was bursting with life, laughter and excitement throughout the night.

Opening Ceremony Over Youth Olympic Games To Begin 4

"It was incredibly awesome,” says Indonesia's Kirana Wardojo. "The Chinese, how long did they train? It was so cool. You needed a lot of people to do it all. I was amazed and want to see it again.”

The Olympic Sailing Venue at Lake Jinniu opened on Aug 13 with the sailors arriving early to get hold of their supplied Byte CII and Techno 293 equipment. Lake Jinniu has thrown out a mixed bag of conditions in the training days and after honing their technical skills following equipment distribution the 101 sailors had the chance to test themselves against each other in a practice race on Aug 17.

 Opening Ceremony Over Youth Olympic Games To Begin 7

Two racecourses will host the 30 boat Byte CII Boys and Girls fleets, the 20 strong Techno 293 Boys pack and the 21 Techno 293 Girls.

Spirits among the racers seem at an all-time high as they soak in the unique atmosphere that the Youth Olympic Games offers. Staying in the Youth Olympic Village is an experience like no other, but one that has fully been embraced.

Opening Ceremony Over Youth Olympic Games To Begin 6

The YOG Sailing Competition will consist of an opening series and final race. The format will be fleet racing but slalom racing may be run for the Boy's and Girl's Windsurfers if the weather conditions are suitable.


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