Published: Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The flagship of Riviera’s Sport Yacht Collection, the 6000 Sport Yacht, made her world debut at the 2014 Sydney International Boat Show Jul 31-Aug 4. She was clearly a favourite among show goers with her comfortable and convenient alfresco lifestyle concept, ultramodern technology and spaciousness. This stylish Sport Yacht model recorded multiple sales at the show.

Riviera Shines At The Sydney International Boat Show

The strong support for Riviera’s new models is apparent in the company’s sales success at the Sydney show with 10 new boat sales across all models from buyers in Australia and around the world.

 Riviera Shines At The Sydney International Boat Show 1

“Her solid and robust hull with keel is the evolution of Riviera’s rich 34-year heritage in building world-class luxury powerboats that are proven in the tough Australian conditions,” says Rivieras Chairman Rodney Longhurst.

 Riviera Shines At The Sydney International Boat Show 2

“Seven of nine boats on display were launched within the last two years,” says Longhurst. “It’s very exciting to see more people rewarding their hard efforts with a beautiful new Riviera.”

Riviera Shines At The Sydney International Boat Show 3 

“Glow was a spectacular display of colour and light with each and every one of our boats illuminated and casting bright lights across the Darling Harbour night sky,” says Riviera’s Director of Brand and Communications Stephen Milne. “Over 300 people attended our Glow function, which was a sell out event and further highlights the loyalty of our Riviera owners and enthusiasts who so passionately support our company at these events.”

The effort put into the event by the Riviera team paid off.

 Riviera Shines At The Sydney International Boat Show 4

“Their hard work did not go unnoticed with our display winning the esteemed Boating Industry Association’s Overall Best Marina Display Award, a real credit to our team and I commend them on their efforts at the show,” says Riviera CEO Wes Moxey.

Preparations are already underway for the upcoming boat shows with new models, such as the 515 SUV and 6000 Sport Yacht having their Americas premiere in the coming months.