Published: Thursday, 21 August 2014

On August 15, Simpson Marine held its 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner – Celebrating Yachting Freedom Since 1984 at the Shenzhen Ritz-Carlton. Founder Mike Simpson and his Shenzhen crew invited more than 180 guests, including yacht owners from the region, shipyard representatives, marina club partners and local media to share in the celebration.

Simpson Marine 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner In Shenzhen 1

Guests enjoyed watching a video that reviewed the company’s three decades of development, from the first yachts Simpson sold in his small Hong Kong office, to today’s growth across seven countries to become Asia’s largest yacht dealer.

Simpson Marine 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner In Shenzhen

“20 years ago at China’s first boat show, someone asked me, what is a yacht?” says Simpson. “And now, so many have begun to enjoy this new yachting lifestyle.”

To open the banquet guests enjoyed food and wine accompanied by live jazz, and a jewellery show from Aster Ma. The entertainment set a party atmosphere for the venue. The prizes for the lucky draw included rooms at the Ritz-Carlton and a luxury yacht model.

After the meal the entire Simpson Marine team came forward to cut the 30th anniversary cake, which was topped with a confectionary model of a sailboat.

Simpson Marine 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner In Shenzhen 2

Simpson Marine was established in 1984 in Hong Kong and has now expanded to 12 cities across seven countries in Asia. In addition to established offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Shenzhen, Sanya, and Indonesia, Simpson Marine will establish a new office in Beijing in the fall.