Published: Thursday, 07 August 2014

Catamarans are known for their stability and large living space. These vessels are much more stable than monohulls allowing them to be used for different purposes. Recently, at Sunreef Yachts this has included hotels and even restaurants.

Sunreef Special Function Catamarans 

According to the concept, a restaurant-catamaran will be located in Dubai and will take visitors on cruises to Abu Dhabi and back. The main deck can accommodate up to 150 guests. There are spacious kitchens, technical rooms and toilets for visitors in both hulls. A wheelhouse is located on the upper deck and a bar area with a mini club in the stern on the main deck.

 Sunreef Special Function Catamarans 1

The plan is for the Water Hotel catamaran to moor on the river in Camden Town in London. The concept includes eight rooms of equal size, each with a double bed, exclusive furnishings and a separate balcony. On the back of the hotel there are large blinds that can block off light completely. The fore part of the catamaran will have a front terrace and the stern will have a navigation room with office space and a private toilet.