Published: Friday, 19 September 2014

AkzoNobel has entered into a two-year partnership to supply the Extreme Sailing Series – an annual inshore racing circuit featuring some of the latest high performance hull coatings. By sailing fast and close to shore, the adrenaline-fueled sailing event offers a fresh approach to the sport of sailing.

The Extreme 40 catamarans that apply AkzoNobel's Awlgrip yacht coating are capable of reaching speeds usually reserved for motorboats, even in medium wind conditions. Flying a hull in as little as 8 knots of breeze, the 40-foot (12m) long carbon speed machine requires coordination and sheer muscular power from the crews during races, which do not exceed 15-20 minutes.

Askonobels Awlgrip To Partner With Extreme Sailing Series 

AkzoNobel provides its Awlgrip yacht coatings that offer technical innovation, superior performance and aesthetics to the fleet of Extreme 40 high performance catamarans racing in the series.

"It is fantastic to have the support of AkzoNobel in a multi-year deal to further strengthen our growing family of Series partners,” says Andy Tourell, Project Director of the Extreme Sailing Series. “The support they can provide to the Extreme 40 teams will be a huge benefit during their annual refit period."

Askonobels Awlgrip To Partner With Extreme Sailing Series 1 

The company’s sponsorship of the Extreme Sailing Series reflects its Human Cities initiative to energize and help people to connect emotionally with the places they live and work. It does this by focusing on six pillars: colour; sport and leisure; heritage; transport; education; and climate change.

The AkzoNobel yacht coatings business continues to provide smart, sustainable solutions to boatyards and boat builders meeting the highest performance expectations of boat owners.