Published: Thursday, 25 September 2014

Claasen Shipyards continues to produce quality pilot classic yachts that are able to handle the most extreme sailing conditions, as well as compete on the regatta circuit. Distinctively classic, these yachts can be safely sailed single-handedly as most functions can be operated from the cockpit.

Claasen Shipyards Starts Construction Of 77 Foot Pilot Classic

The emphasis of this 77-foot yacht is on easy-to-maintain materials such as aluminium and fibreglass. The yacht’s sailing range is virtually unrestricted because of its sturdy construction. This includes even the most extreme Arctic regions.

The deckhouse offers protection from the elements as well as wide-open views, all while those aboard enjoy maximum comfort.

The 77-foot Pilot Classic boasts the smart anchor system, which was developed in-house. It is flush and integrated in the aluminium hull below the waterline, making it invisible on the exterior of the yacht. This prevents damage to the anchor and the hull, as well as keeping resistance to a minimum.